The Traditional Latin Mass has returned to another parish in the San Francisco Archdiocese!

The Traditional Latin Mass has returned to another parish in the San Francisco Archdiocese!

Trinity Sunday June 7th was the first monthly High Mass offered by Fr. William Young at Mater Dolorosa Church, 307 Willow Ave (& Miller), South San Francisco and was attended by over 200 souls.  My boys and I were honored to serve for Father, who has been quietly offering the Traditional Mass for some time now, and also offers the weekly 12:15PM Sunday Mass at St. Vincent’s Home for Boys in San Rafael, north of San Francisco. 

As I knelt in the sanctuary of Mater Dolorosa’s plain 1960’s interior, I was humbled by the quiet work of the young Filipino organizers who ensured the return of this “worthy ritual to the Divine Majesty” to their parish for “the praise and glory of His name” and “the benefit of all His Holy Church”.  The congregation was ethnically diverse, yet we could pray together in the ancient language of the Church.  This genuine and practical unity in the Faith has to be part of what Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI intends.  Domine, non sum dignus!

At the present, the monthly Mass at Mater Dolorosa will be 6:30PM on the 1st Sunday of each month.  For more information contact: Ando Perlas @ 650-892-5728

Slowly, but surely, the Traditional Mass is returning to San Francisco Bay Area parishes.

Fr. Jerry Brown, pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Brentwood (Oakland diocese) offers a weekly 5PM Sunday Mass at his parish. 

Fr. Lawrence Goode, pastor of St. Francis of Assisi, East Palo Alto continues to offer a weekly Mass 6PM every Friday.

 Fr. Jean Marie Moreau, ICKSP offers daily Masses at St. Margaret Mary’s in Oakland and Fr. Pedro Ottonello, O.A.D, longtime and faithful chaplain, continues to offer three Masses a week at Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Santa Clara.  Fr. Moreau recently offered Masses at the historic California Missions of Santa Clara and San Jose (Fremont) as well as a Sunday High Mass at Five Wounds Portugese National Church in San Jose.

 Our Lord continues to increase His Grace, despite the unworthiness of the people of our time.  May we respond with an increase in faith, hope and charity!

— submitted by Doug Zeitz,  Una Voce Palo Alto, CA

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