Saint Gregory Society’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee with Bishop James C. Timlin

 St. Gregory Society 25th Jubilee: Concluding Celebration 

4 May 2011 

On Sunday, 15 May, at 2:00 p.m., the Twenty-fifth Anniversary Jubilee of the Saint Gregory Society will conclude with a festive Solemn Pontifical Mass in Honor of Saint Gregory the Great celebrated by the Most Reverend James C. Timlin, Bishop Emeritus of Scranton at St. Stanislaus Church, State & Eld Streets, New Haven.    

 We rejoice in Bishop Timlin’s kind acceptance of our invitation to pontificate at this celebration. He was the first American hierarch to welcome the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in his Diocese, which he did in 1991 with the following words: 

 “Our Holy Father has asked that respect be shown for the feelings of those who are attached to the Latin Liturgical Tradition. I want to assure the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter that it will have my wholehearted support and encouragement as it carries out its important apostolate in our diocese in accordance with the constitution of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and the Diocese of Scranton.” 

Thus did Bishop Timlin set the stage for the inspiring growth of the Fraternity and return of the traditional liturgy in North America. 

This will be a rare opportunity for you to assist at a celebration of the traditional Latin liturgy in its fullest glory, with Mozart’s “Coronation Mass” performed by the Society’s Schola Cantorum with an ensemble of string instruments. We hope you will take advantage of this chance to show your devotion to, and support of the traditional Mass by attending the service and greeting Bishop Timlin at the dinner following, which will be prepared by members of St. Stanislaus Parish. 

 In order to anticipate for the number of those attending the dinner, we ask that you please respond today (no later than Wednesday, 11 May) with your request for tickets ($15 each, children under 12 free) by calling 203-815-8955 or 203-481-2238. 

 We urge you invite family members and friends to this event
and to direct others who might wish to join us on this happy occasion in a truly grand celebration. The Officers of the Society look forward to seeing and greeting as many of you as possible on this joyous occasion.

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