Lancaster (PA) Latin Mass Mission Invites Area Catholics to Sunday Mass

Dear Friends in Christ,

For nearly two years the Lancaster Latin Mass Mission at Saint Anthony of Padua has been blessed with weekly Mass celebrated in the traditional form. The Mass, first celebrated by Father Frank Parrinello of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, and now celebrated by Father Pang Tcheou of the Diocese of Harrisburg, has developed a faithful and regular following. It is no surprise because it is a beautiful Mass.

The most visible presence of the Church on earth is the Mass. The faith building nature of the Tridentine Mass is what taught and inspired Saints and Doctors of the Church like Thomas Aquinas, Anselm, Augustine, Theresa of Lisieux , Thomas More, Ann Seton, John Bosco and so many more. All of those blessed people learned about their Catholic faith through the Tridentine Mass. Their orientation to God was developed through the ancient language and rubrics declared by the Council of Trent, and Pope Saint Pius V in his papal encyclical Quo Primum, to be eternally set.

Pope John Paul II paved the way for the return of the Tridentine Mass. Pope Benedict XVI has turned that paved road in to a highway. Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades provided personal and diocesan support and encouragement. Father Daniel C. Mitzel, the pastor of Saint Anthony, has provided us a beautiful church in which to celebrate Mass. Father Tcheou celebrates the Mass at 1:30PM on every Sunday.

It is a High Mass, which means it is sung or intoned. It may seem, in many ways, unfamiliar to you – Bells and incense, the priest faces the altar, the Canon of the Mass is quiet, there is no sign of the peace or presentation of gifts, Holy Communion is received on the tongue, and from the kneeling position. There are Latin-to-English missals to assist in understanding, and plenty of people who know when to kneel, stand or sit – just follow their lead.

Refreshments and the opportunity to visit follow Mass on the first Sunday of each month. Mass on the third Sunday of every month features Gregorian chant by the Te Deum schola. On all other Sundays the choir, under the leadership of Ms. Beverly Schneller, accompanied by Mr. Mark Erb on the organ, provides music.

If you’ve never been to the Tridentine Mass, please consider joining us some time. If you’ve been before but forget the feeling, please join us. We’d love to see you.

Best regards,

Daniel J. Skehan
Lay Coordinator
Lancaster Latin Mass Mission