Bishop Allen H. Vigneron Authorizes Daily Traditional Latin Mass

On January 18th, 2005, the Most Reverend Bishop of Oakland, California, Allen H. Vigneron, appointed Fr. Michael Wiener (Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest) his Episcopal Delegate for the Latin Rite of 1962 in the Diocese. Fr. Wiener was ordained to the Holy Priesthood on June 30th, 1999 in Gricigliano, Italy. He was responsible for a similar apostolate in Basel, Switzerland. Institute of Christ the King

Fr. Wiener offers the Traditional Latin Mass DAILY at St. Margaret Mary’s Church, a beautiful Gothic style church dedicated in 1931, located at 1219 Excelsior Avenue in the Oakland foothills. Fr. Wiener offers the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 6PM every evening Monday through Friday, at 10AM Saturday mornings, and at 12:30PM Sunday afternoons, a sung High Mass. For more information, Fr. Wiener can be contacted directly at 510-482-2053, or go to: Christ the King – Oakland

St. Margaret Mary’s under the beloved pastor emeritus, Fr. Vladimir Kozina, (1984-1994), was one of the first parishes in California (since Sunday September 10th, 1989) to offer a weekly Sunday (Indult)Traditional Latin Mass. The liturgies at the parish have always attracted many people but since the arrival of the Institute, which follows the rubrics of the Traditional Rite precisely, the Mass attendance at the Sunday 12:30PM Mass has skyrocketed from about 130 faithful to over 330 souls.

On Trinity Sunday, May 22nd, 2005, Fr. Kozina, (author of “Communism As I Know It”), returned at the invitation of both the pastor, Fr. Stanislaw Zak and Fr. Michael Wiener to offer the Sunday Traditional Latin Mass at 12:30PM in celebration of his 60th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. In his sermon, Father recounted how the Catholic Faith sustained him during his youth in Slovenia, where he witnessed the butchering of his parents by the communists and his escape to the West, eventually to “Caleefornea” (yes, the guvenator pronounces California like Father does). Father Kozina, also humorously recounted for us, in the presence of the former Bishop of Oakland, John Cummins, who was assisting in the sanctuary, how he insisted that the Bishop put his authorization for the weekly Traditional Latin Mass “in writing”. “be ye wise as serpents and guiless as doves” Ad multos annos Father Kozina!. St. Margaret Mary – Oakland

The following Sunday, May 29th, 2005, the feast of Corpus Christi was observed with a Sung High Mass, offered by Msgr. Gilles Wach, Superior of the Institute of Christ the King, and a Corpus Christi Procession on the streets around the church with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, both outside and inside the church. Our Lord’s Reign has been restored to the streets of Oakland! Christ the King – Corpus Christi.

May Our Eucharistic Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ bless the apostolate of Fr. Michael Wiener, and the episcopacy of Bishop Allen Vigneron, who has restored a Daily Traditional Latin Mass to the Diocese of Oakland.

Letters thanking Bishop Vigneron can be mailed to: 2900 Lake Shore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610-3697.

Submitted by Doug Zeitz, UV Palo Alto, CA .

Updated 31 May 2005/sl