Charles Taibi Intro to Latin Mass Magazine



Introduction to Una Voce America

Charles F. Taibi

(From the Fall, 1998
issue of Latin Mass Magazine)

This article is a
response to a letter from Mr. Thomas D. Herndon
Strategy”, Latin Mass Magazine, Summer 1998)

calling for a national Latin Mass organization. It is an
introduction to Una Voce America for Mr. Henderson and
other friends of the Traditional Mass.

The International Una
Voce Federation was founded in Rome in 1966. It now
includes national associations in 20 countries on every
continent. The federation’s mission is to ensure that the
Roman Mass codified by St. Pius V is one of the forms of
Eucharistic worship honored in universal liturgical life.
It also promotes Latin, Gregorian Chant and sacred
polyphony in Catholic liturgy. The current president is
Michael Davies of London, England.

Una Voce America was
established in 1996. Its goal is to create a coordinated
network of traditional Catholic groups to solidify and
strengthen the Traditionalist movement, and give greater
support to groups working with bishops to request wider
availability of the Tridentine Mass. The national
Co-Directors are Fred Haehnel, Una Voce St. Louis,
William Basile, Una Voce Rochester and Byron Smith, Una
Voce Syracuse.

There are currently
about 40 chapters in the United States, Canada and
Mexico. More are in formation. Each chapter is
autonomous. The chapters use their knowledge of local
conditions to promote the Traditional Mass in their
areas. Their activities include petition drives, letter
writing campaigns, holy hours, social functions and, most
recently, the establishment of seminary burses to support
the seminarians of the Fraternity of St. Peter and the
Institute of Christ the King. Many chapters publish
newsletters, some advertise and a few have their own web
sites. Una Voce Bronx’s web site
( features a
Statement of Purpose, By-laws, recent newsletters, and a
list of Tridentine Masses in New York City.

Una Voce America
sponsors national events like the annual “Pilgrimage
of Catholic Restoration” in upstate New York. It is
modeled after the Pilgrimage to Chartres. Every year it
attracts thousands of traditional Catholics from
throughout North America. Together they walk nine miles
singing hymns, confessing their sins and praying the
Rosary. At the Shrine of the North American Martyrs, they
join in the celebration of a Tridentine Mass.

Una Voce America is
developing a national advertising campaign designed to
educate Catholics about the availability of the
Tridentine Mass, establish name recognition in the
Catholic community and attract new members. The national
body also helps coordinate the formation of new chapters.

The most important role
of Una Voce America is in providing a forum for
traditional Catholics to share ideas, strategies and
friendships. There is an e-mail conference for chapter
chairmen, a national newsletter (annual subscription
$10), and an award-winning web site
( maintained by Mr.
Basile. Before these channels of communication were open
to them, traditionalists were encouraged to believe they
were liturgical dinosaurs. Every setback reinforced their
feelings of discouragement and despair. This isolation
was an advantage of the highest order to foes of the
Tridentine Mass.

Now the traditionalist
movement has become a more cohesive force. Instead of
taking one step forward and two steps back, we move ahead
together. Disappointments in one area are ameliorated by
news of progress in other quarters. When we are shunned
in our dioceses we turn first to our Lord, and then to
Una Voce America for encouragement. When we return to the
fight, it is with greater strength and determination than

Una Voce America has
achieved great things in its brief history, but even
greater achievements are called for. New chapters and new
members must swell our ranks and invigorate the movement
with their talents. Those of us who take our stand with
Una Voce America and her chapters are ordinary Catholics
who take some time away from other commitments to devote
to this apostolate. We want to share the work with
others. Join the crusade!

*Charles F. Taibi is the
Chairman of Una Voce Bronx and a national board member of
Una Voce America. For information write to: Una Voce
America P.O. Box 1159, St. Charles, MO 63302

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