Dr. John Senior

Dr. John Senior:  Requiescat in Pace


Dr. John Senior: Requiescat in Pace.

The leaders and members of Una Voce America extend our prayers and condolences to the
Senior family upon the death of John Senior.
Dr. Senior’s writings will live on and will continue to provide formation for many minds
and hearts in the richness of Christian tradition for which he gave his life’s effort..
The following is a letter received from Mr. Andrew Senior upon the death his father.
William Basile


Pater Meus – Requiescat In Pace
Tue, 27 Apr 1999

Dear Mr. Basile,

Please extend our family’s deepest gratitude to the members of Una Voce for their many
prayers for my father and our family.

My father died on April 8, Easter Thursday. His funeral was April 13, which is the day
he, with our whole family, was baptized in 1960 (Holy Thursday that year). The Requiem
High Mass was offered by Fr. Ramon Angles of the Society of St. Pius X in St. Marys,
Kansas, where he was buried in Our Lady of Peace cemetery. The church was quite full (400
– 450), and there were priests, religious and laity from around the world, representing a
myriad of different dioceses, parishes, schools, orders, monasteries, convents, etc.

Over the past year, thousands of people prayed, and many masses were offered, for his
recovery. I firmly believe that no prayer goes unanswered; when it seems so, as now, God
has even greater blessings in store. I believe that all those prayers will be answered, in
ways we haven’t even imagined. If I could have one wish as to how, it would be what he
himself labored and prayed for, what Our Lord Himself prayed for – ut unum sint. He had
many good and close friends over the years, from every Traditionalist camp, and always
tried to bring them together. If ALL Traditionalists were united, Rome would be inundated,
and the tide might begin to turn in earnest. At his funeral, Fr. Angles said he is still
speaking to us, and will continue to. I believe he is saying, with Our Lord: "Love
one another, as I have loved you."

Thank you again, and to all in Una Voce. May God bless you and your great work.

In Christo Domino,
Andrew Senior

P.S. Recently many have inquired about his books The Death of Christian Culture and The
Restoration of Christian Culture. It is my understanding that both are still in print
(Death 1994, Restoration 1998) and available from Roger McCaffrey’s Roman Catholic Books.

Una Voce America