Ft Wayne’s Bishop D’Arcy



    Ft. Wayne’s Bishop D’Arcy Comments on Traditional Mass
The following comments
were made by the Most Rev. John M. D’Arcy, bishop of the Fort Wayne – South Bend
Diocese, in the Sept. 19th edition of the diocesan newspaper, Today’s Catholic: A
Special Sunday

On Sunday morning, I celebrated Mass at Sacred
Heart parish, Fort Wayne, using that liturgy which I celebrated every day of the first 10
years of my priesthood. This is the so-called Tridentine Mass. My purpose in going there
was to strengthen the communion between those devoted to this liturgy and the bishop.
Although I have only celebrated this Mass a few times since becoming bishop here, the
rubrics, for the most part, seemed familiar. I was deeply impressed by the substantial
crowd on hand and by their devotion. The Catholic Church is always expansive, not narrow.
The Holy Father restored this Mass about 15 years ago under certain conditions, providing
the bishop approves.

At a luncheon afterward, I asked several people why
they worship at this Mass most of the time. They fully accept the renewed liturgy, but
they told me that they found this Mass very reverent. I met a young women from Lima, Ohio,
attnding with her husband. She said she found it very prayerful and reverent, and thought
there was a spirit of humility and adoration. Others made similar remarks. It is important
that the bishop understands the reasons why people are devoted to this Mass and respect
it. We must respect their spirituality and their devotion which, it seemed to me on this
warm Sunday morning in Fort Wayne, was devout and deep.